Our elite fitness studio is designed exclusively for the women’s physique, with an emphasis on teaching you how to balance life, fitness, and nutrition. It is our mission to provide you with the lifestyle tools you need to create a strong healthy body and powerful mind. Our goal is to help more women feel confident in their own skin by achieving optimal wellness through living a balanced life.

At BFF Studio, we save you time and money by providing effective and safe workouts in as little as 35 minutes per day. Whether you’re a long-time fitness enthusiast or new to movement, our main focus is on form! We provide systematic and achievable progressions to our routines to fit your personal fitness level, and guide you to set goals that lead you to your true potential. BFF Studio fosters a community environment to inspire and motivate you along your fitness journey. We know working alongside friends, family, and other inspiring independent women makes exercise more enjoyable and rewarding. 

At BFF Studio, YOU are our priority. Not only do we focus on fitness, but we also focus on teaching you to transform from the inside out by adapting to new healthier eating habits and positive mindset strategies. It is essential that we work as a team with each of you to create a sustainable plan for you, so there is no more yo-yo dieting and losing hard earned progress. 

Our nutrition plans and exercise routines are personalized to your individual needs, goals, commitment level and schedule to ultimately bring you the confidence and health you desire and deserve while fitting it into your busy life. 

Balanced Form Fitness Studio

How It All Started

More About Us 

We specialize in those who want to lose unhealthy body fat, tone up lean muscles, build overall strength and flexibility, improve posture and form, and achieve spectacular cardiovascular health. 

Our classes are short, sweaty and to the point! You will leave feeling accomplished, stronger, healthier, and more confident to conquer your day. 

Our team practices what we preach daily and we are passionate about creating a confident life for you as well! We are there every step of the way to ensure you are progressing and sustaining your progress. You too can have the body and confidence you deserve with the proper diet, exercise routine, lifestyle and most importantly motivation, consistency, and support.